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Specialty Crops

From Aronia berries to elderberries, wine grapes to bitter melon, NCR-SARE-funded research is helping specialty crop farmers across the region use sustainable practices to battle pests, tap into lucrative markets, and increase yields. 16 percent of NCR-SARE’s 20-year research portfolio has been devoted to growing fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other specialty crops in ways that boost profits, protect the land, and strengthen communities.

Perfecting the Day-Range Pastured-Poultry System

Raising poultry on pasture instead of in a barn or other permanent structure is an increasingly popular enterprise for hobby and small farmers across the country. This bulletin features the Day-Range system, which consists of a mobile pen that is kept inside a fenced area. The birds are free to roam within the fenced-area during the day and are put in the mobile pen at night if predators are a problem. The mobile pen is moved daily to prevent accumulation of manure and the fence is moved as necessary to provide access to fresh pasture.

Poultry Your Way

Poultry Your Way is for anyone interested in commercially raising, processing, and marketing poultry. It is designed to help you consider alternatives, and to help you make decisions about which alternative(s) will be most compatible with your family and business goals.

Adapting Crop Share Agreements for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

When the farming system deviates from a conventional corn-soybean rotation, the usual division of costs and returns in a 50-50 crop share lease may no longer fairly reflect the inputs of each party. This sheet demonstrates how crop share agreements can be adapted for sustainable and organic agriculture.