Farming into the Future by Centering Farmworkers

Created with SARE support
Anita Adalja, Rue Policastro, Sarah Janes Ugoretz | 2023 | 69 pages

Across the country, farmworkers provide the labor, skill, and care that make many diversified vegetable farms possible. And in an industry as labor-intensive as this one, farm owners increasingly draw direct connections between their workforce and the long-term health of their businesses. Yet a growing number of employers have struggled to find and keep employees on their farms from season to season. As owners grapple with the questions and consequences this dilemma brings, farm employees are confronting major challenges of their own. And many have been left asking whether it is even possible to build a sustainable, long-term career as a farmworker in this industry. Can individuals working on farms experience a decent quality of life and earn a wage that supports not only themselves, but their families as well?

"Farming into the Future by Centering Farmworkers" is a new resource that aims to support positive, long-term employment opportunities for workers on diversified vegetable farms.

During a time when farm owners are asking how they can attract employees and build long-term working relationships with those individuals, Not Our Farm and the Fairshare CSA Coalition came together to take a look at four things employees have said they deeply value in a workplace: communication, work environment, opportunities for growth and advancement, and livable wages.

Throughout the pages of this resource, you’ll find concrete, action-oriented tips and examples that highlight various paths forward - and that will ultimately support strong farm businesses and improved quality of life for everyone working on the farm.

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