Frequently Asked Questions

Can SARE grants be used to fund projects outside the United States?

No. SARE grants may only be used to fund projects within the United States and its island protectorates.

Can I use a SARE grant to begin a farm?

No. SARE grants are intended for projects involving research and education. A small percentage of SARE funding may be used to purchase the materials required to conduct a research or education project, but generally SARE funding cannot be used to make large purchases for land, equipment or capital investment.

To learn about other funding opportunities, refer to the book Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches and Communities.

I have an idea for a grant project. How do I learn more about SARE grants?

Visit the Apply for a Grant page to see what types of grants NCR-SARE offers, and what type might be most appropriate for you. If you have in-depth questions about NCR-SARE’s grants, please contact NCR-SARE.

Is there grant writing assistance available?

The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI) provides free Grants Advising services in the Midwest. MFAI’s Grants Advisors can help you apply to grant, loan, and cost-share programs of state or federal sources that could help you with specific projects to develop your agricultural, forestry, or related business. These can be programs of any federal or state agency, not just the USDA, as well as private sources. They assist individual producers, associations of farmers, and agricultural, fishery, and forestry-related businesses to both search for and apply to programs for which they are eligible. Please contact 719-318-7936 or [email protected]

SARE state coordinators in every state and island protectorate are charged with training agriculture professionals in sustainable practices and sharing SARE project results with them. State coordinator responsibilities include professional development—promotion, networking, and coordination, especially of SARE-related activities—and communication and evaluation

How can I learn more about the educational resources available through SARE?

All educational resources are available through the SARE Learning Center, and are organized by resource type and topic. Resources are also accessible via site search, located in the upper right of this page.

In addition, visit the projects database and search through the thousands of project reports that have been submitted by SARE grantees over the years.

Where can I get more information about ordering publications, such as bulk discounts?

Please visit the SARE WebStore.

I received a grant from NCR-SARE. Where can I get more information about the requirements for my grant?

If you are a grantee or a member of a project team, you can use the Manage Your Grant page to find out about how to manage your NCR-SARE award.