South Dakota

The grants summary  includes a project highlight, a breakdown of funding by SARE project type, the total funding for the state since 1988 and state grant recipients.

North Central SARE’s network of state coordinators–housed at each land grant university throughout the region–conduct train-the-trainer programs and share information about our grant programs and other sustainable agriculture resources in their respective states.

State Contacts

Rhoda Burrows

Rhoda Burrows

South Dakota State University
(605) 394-2236
Rhoda Burrows is a South Dakota SARE State Co-Coordinator and professor of horticulture at South Dakota State University and an SDSU Extension Horticulture Specialist. Her areas of study and academic interests include fruit and vegetable production and soil microbiology.


Since 1988, SARE has awarded numerous grants in every state and Island Protectorate. Aimed at advancing sustainable innovations, these grants add up to an impressive portfolio of sustainable agriculture efforts across the nation.

sunflower in South Dakota
Including native flowering species in a cover crop mix can help attract pollinators and beneficial insects, as in this South Dakota field. –Photo by Mieko Alley, USDA NRCS

SOUTH dakota Impacts

in funding since 1988
116 projects
funded since 1988