Regional Initiatives

YENC13-060, Holmes, KS

Conference Support Funding

NCR-SARE has funds available to support conferences and educational events relevant to sustainable agriculture.

person presenting information at a conference

NCR-SARE Farmers Forum

NCR-SARE's Farmers Forums are events that give farmers, ranchers, and others the chance to share information about sustainable agriculture practices with a national audience through presentations at events. NCR-SARE produces videos of these talks and for several years provided written summaries of the featured projects in our annual Farmers Forum Highlight.

women selling radishes at a farmers market

COVID-19 Sales and Marketing Resources

More farmers/ranchers are pursuing online sales to market their products so they can comply with physical distancing requirements associated with COVID-19. On this page, NCR-SARE will share resources for online sales and marketing for producers adjusting to new realities associated with COVID-19.

Brad Brummond and Linda Kleinschmit

NCR-SARE Hero Recognition Program

The NCR-SARE Hero recognition acknowledges the leadership, vision, contributions, and impact that these heroes have made in the field of sustainable agriculture in the region.

cover of the 2020 annual cover crop survey report

Cover Crop Surveys

Cover crop adoption has been increasing rapidly. Since 2012, SARE, CTIC and other partner organizations have conducted a national survey of farmers on their experiences with cover crops.