Resources for SARE State Coordinators

Below you will find a collection of resources that may be useful in your role as a SARE State Coordinator.

Grant Writing Workshop Resources

These resources can be helpful as you plan grant writing workshops.


If you need an ad for a conference program or brochure, contact Marie Flanagan, NCR-SARE Communications Specialist. Please include the specifications for the ad in the email. Email: [email protected]

Online Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

The national SARE Program has designed a web-based introduction to sustainable agriculture for Extension professionals and other educators.  You can take the course at your convenience at   The course takes about one to one-and-a-half hours to finish. There is also an online course on strategic farm/ranch planning and marketing.

Logo Files

If you need a logo file, visit our logo and acknowledgment page for everything related to acknowledging SARE as a funding source.

Mini-Grants and Travel Scholarships

These mini-grant and travel scholarship forms from Missouri SARE are intended as examples or templates for SARE state coordinators who use mini-grants or travel scholarships as educational tools for agricultural professionals. If you need versions made for your state, contact Marie Flanagan. Email: [email protected]

SARE Logic Model

The SARE PDP logic model is one of the cornerstones of planning and evaluation for PDP state and competitively funded projects.

NCR-SARE on Social Media

There are many ways to stay in touch with NCR-SARE through social media. You can learn more about SARE’s grant-funded research and educational products, and engage with farmers and ranchers, ag educators, researchers, and the general public to discuss sustainable agriculture topics. We also have images of NCR-SARE projects posted on Flickr.

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Publishing With SARE

Do you or a colleague have a book manuscript on sustainable agriculture, but no publisher? Do you have an idea for a video on a particular sustainable ag topic—or perhaps for ag communications research—that would serve farmers, ranchers and educators well? SARE Outreach wants to hear your ideas. If your idea meets the criteria below, use the educational resource and outreach initiative nomination form to submit it for consideration.

Free Materials for Educators and Nonprofits Working with Producers

SARE books, bulletins and promotional materials are available at no cost to nonprofit organizations organizing workshops, conferences, tours, networks or other sustainable agriculture educational programs for 10 or more farmers, ranchers or agricultural educators. A limit of 50 free books per organization per calendar year applies. Request materials using the online SARE Materials Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions from Applicants

Can SARE grants be used to fund projects outside the United States?

No. SARE grants may only be used to fund projects within the United States and its island protectorates.

Can I use a SARE grant to begin a farm?

No. SARE grants are intended for projects involving research and education. A small percentage of SARE funding may be used to purchase the materials required to conduct a research or education project, but generally, SARE funding cannot be used to make large purchases for land, equipment, or capital investment.

Refer to the book Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches, and Communities to learn about other funding opportunities.

I have an idea for a grant project. How do I learn more about SARE grants?

Visit the Apply for a Grant page to see what types of grants NCR-SARE offers and what type might be most appropriate for you. If you have in-depth questions about NCR-SARE’s grants, please contact NCR-SARE.

How can I learn more about the educational resources available through SARE?

All educational resources are available through the SARE Learning Center and are organized by resource type and topic. Resources are also accessible via site search, located in the upper right of this page.

In addition, visit the projects database and search through the thousands of project reports that SARE grantees have submitted over the years.

Where can I get more information about ordering publications, such as bulk discounts?

Please visit the SARE WebStore.

I received a grant from NCR-SARE. Where can I get more information about the requirements for my grant?

If you are a grantee or a member of a project team, you can use the Manage Your Grant page to learn how to manage your NCR-SARE award.