Cover Crop Surveys

Cover crops can slow erosion, improve soil, smother weeds, enhance nutrient and moisture availability, help control many pests, and bring a host of other benefits to farms across the country. For more than 20 years, NCR-SARE has supported projects by researchers, producers, and educators who are using this time-tested method of revitalizing soil, curbing erosion, and managing pests.

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National Cover Crop Survey Reports

From increasing yield to improving soil health, find out why farmers use cover crops. Since 2012, SARE, CTIC and other partner organizations have periodically conducted a national survey of farmers on their experiences with cover crops.

2022-2023 Survey: report (PDF) summary (PDF)
2019-2020 Survey: report (PDF)
2016-2017 Survey: report (PDF)
2015-2016 Survey: report (PDF)
2014-2015 Surveyreport (PDF)
2013-2014 Surveyreport (PDF)
2012-2013 Surveyreport (PDF)