NCR-SARE Hero Recognition Program

In 2012, the NCR-SARE Administrative Council created the NCR-SARE Hero Recognition to bring awareness of, recognize, and pay tribute to those who have made significant contributions to NCR-SARE.

Coordinated by the NCR-SARE Alumni Organization, this recognition will acknowledge the leadership, vision, contributions, and impact these heroes have made in the region's sustainable agriculture field.

Recognition Criteria Eligibility

To be nominated for this recognition, a person must have demonstrated:

  • Service to NCR-SARE and/or national SARE;
  • Leadership in sustainable agriculture locally and regionally; and
  • Lasting impacts to sustainability in the North Central region.

Nomination and Selection

  • Anyone may submit nominations
  • Current SARE staff and SARE state coordinators are not eligible to receive the recognition
  • The NCR-SARE Alumni Heroes Committee reviews and forwards nominations to the NCR-SARE Administrative Council.
  • Nominations received will be kept on file at NCR-SARE and maintained for consideration for four years. Nominations may be resubmitted after that time.

A Heroes recommendation form can be found online

Contact the NCR-SARE office if you want this nomination form in a different format.
Phone: 612-626-3113
Main Email: [email protected]