NCR-SARE Core Ideologies

Core Value:  The sustainability and well-being of all aspects of agriculture and those communities that support agriculture.

Core Purpose: To preserve resources, to achieve the best environment possible, to produce the highest quality of product, and to maximize

quality of life.

Audacious Goals:  

  • Inclusivity: To include communities, ethnicity, gender, age, biodiversity, food, fiber, and fuel.  
  • Holistic: To use a “systems-approach” in decision making, resource utilization, and management. 
  • To have all farmers, ranchers, practitioners, and agricultural businesses committed to sustainable agriculture.

Action Points:  

  • Create relationships among people, communities, and government and non-government institutions (develop friendships that create partnerships that accomplish our goals). 
  • Support education for all participants, for all ages, and with a specific focus on accomplishing our goals. 
  • Evaluate results of past and present programs with regard to intent, outcome, impacts, and reasons for their degree of success or failure. 
  • Improve the use of SARE resources through goal orientation and restructured and/or better focused calls for proposals (e.g., more emphasis on holistic approaches, resource preservation, quality foods systems, and a community component).