Sustainable Agriculture Videos

March 16, 2021
SARE's animated video series highlights some common practices farmers and ranchers across the country can use to improve profitability, quality of life, and environmental stewardship.

Farmers and researchers are working together to develop and implement agricultural practices that increase profitability, quality of life and environmental stewardship. SARE’s new series of short animated videos illustrate how producers can improve the success and health of their farms by implementing sustainable practices. The eight “What is Sustainable Agriculture?” videos are useful and engaging for audiences with a variety of educational backgrounds and complement other educational resources well.

An introduction to sustainable agriculture and the video series.
In this video we look at the importance of healthy soils and the positive impact of cover crops.
In this video we look at the people side of agriculture—what social sustainability looks like on farms and in communities.
In this video we look at way to make grazing and pasture management more sustainable.
In this video we look at the business side of agriculture and profit strategies we can use when sustainability is a priority.

In this video we look at the importance of soil health and reduced tillage practices.
In this video we look at how to conserve and manage water to avoid some of the effects of too much or too little water.
In this video we look at ways to manage pests that reduce off-farm inputs and lead to healthy crops.
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