NCR-SARE Welcomes New Associate Director

April 23, 2024

Betsy Wieland has recently joined the NCR-SARE team as the Associate Director, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in agricultural education and administration. 

With a lifelong interest sparked by her father's career as a large animal veterinarian, Wieland pursued a bachelor's degree in Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree in Agronomy and Plant Genetics at the University of Minnesota. Her interest in sustainable agriculture led her to work as a University of Minnesota  Extension Educator in Hennepin County, where she focused on small farm acreage and urban agriculture, playing a pivotal role in developing the statewide Small Farm Team. 

As an extension educator, Wieland served as the Minnesota SARE coordinator for two years, showcasing her leadership and commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Her dedication to advancing agricultural education extended to administrative roles, where she served as Department Program Manager for the University of Minnesota Extension’s Department of Agricultural and Natural Resource Systems. In this capacity, she oversaw the initiation of new programs, including managing a SARE grant to train new extension educators in sustainable agriculture systems and practices. Additionally, she spearheaded an undergraduate internship program, demonstrating her commitment to nurturing the next generation of agricultural professionals.

Wieland's diverse agricultural education background and her leadership experience in program management and administration position her as a valuable asset to the NCR-SARE team. Her strategic vision and passion for sustainable agriculture will undoubtedly contribute to the organization's mission of promoting innovative and resilient agricultural practices across the North Central region.

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