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New Video: How SARE Supports Farmer-Driven Sustainability

There is no universal vision for agricultural sustainability in the United States—every region, every farm may require a different approach to improving livelihoods, protecting the nation’s land and water resources, and strengthening communities. Since its inception in 1988, the SARE program has supported a broad range of innovations in sustainability through its grassroots, farmer-driven grants […]

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Our Farms, Our Future Podcast: The Fight for Equal Rights in Agriculture

Barbara Norman and Savi Horne The latest episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast features Savi Horne, the executive director of the Land Loss Prevention Project in North Carolina in conversation with third-generation Michigan blueberry farmer Barbara Norman on breaking down barriers of entry for farmers of color as they fight for access to […] news nac-index-of-sare-funded-agroforestry-projects-now-online

NAC Index of SARE-Funded Agroforestry Projects Now Online

Photo credit: Shibu Jose, University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry Valuable SARE-funded agroforestry research is now even more accessible to producers and educators across the country thanks to a new online index created by the National Agroforestry Center (NAC) using data from the SARE project database. The NAC index allows users to search SARE-funded agroforestry […]

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Our Farms Our Future Podcast: Production on Pasture

Greg Brann and Robin Way The latest episode of SARE’S Our Farms, Our Future podcast series features two master livestock grazers who discuss the advantages and disadvantages of marketing and raising animals sustainably. Greg Brann runs grass-fed cattle and sheep on his 220-acre farm in southern Kentucky. Brann discusses his experiences raising animals with Robin Way, who […]

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Our Farms Our Future Podcast: Making a Difference–Teaching Sustainability

Xiaochi (Max) Ma and Krista Jacobsen This week’s episode of SARE’s Our Farms, Our Future podcast series features University of Kentucky professor and agroecologist Krista Jacobsen and Xiaochi (Max) Ma, a Washington State University graduate student, who share techniques for teaching undergraduates about emerging sustainable practices and their critical environmental impact. Listen to or download the […] news sare-nacaa-announce-2018-sustainable-agriculture-fellow-candidates

SARE, NACAA Announce 2018 Sustainable Agriculture Fellow Candidates

SARE and NACAA are proud to announce the induction of four leading Extension educators into the ranks of the SARE/NACAA Sustainable Agriculture Fellows Program. Announced in July at the 2018 National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference in Chattanooga, Tenn., the new Fellow Candidates are: Jessica A. Kelton, Alabama Cooperative […] news our-farms-our-future-conference-proceedings-now-available-online

Our Farms, Our Future Conference Proceedings Now Available Online

“Thank you for organizing what turned out to be my favorite conference,” was one participant’s response to the Our Farms, Our Future Conference held by SARE and NCAT/ATTRA in April of this year. The three-day event featured over 35 different breakout sessions, bringing close to 110 speakers together to share their diverse ideas about the […] news new-improve-resilience-and-stability-with-farmers-guide-to-business-structures

New: Improve Resilience and Stability With Farmers’ Guide to Business Structures

Selecting the right business entity for your farm is like building the foundation of a house. Without the right foundation, the house will falter. Choosing an appropriate business structure encourages you to follow good business practices in accounting and decision-making, and it protects your personal assets should your farm get into financial trouble. SARE’s newest […]

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Our Farms Our Future Podcast: Quality of Life In Farming Communities

Beth Nelson and Doug Constance The next episode of our podcast series, Our Farms, Our Future, centers on quality of life in farming communities. Listen to or download the episode now. As the quality-of-life representative for Southern SARE's administrative council and as a professor of sociology, Doug Constance is constantly thinking about how current policies, cultural […]

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Our Farms Our Future Podcast - SARE: The Early Years and Lasting Impact

Ferd Hoefner and Andy Clark Ferd Hoefner is a senior strategic advisor for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, (NSAC). He has worked on national food and agriculture policy in Washington, DC for 40 years. He helped create the USDA-program that we now know as SARE, and has seen it grow and develop throughout the years. Andy Clark […]

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Our Farms Our Future Podcast: Finding a Better Way- Engineering On The Farm

Chris Callahan and Trevor Hardy Trevor Hardy is manager of one of New England’s largest distributors of agricultural supplies at Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis, New Hampshire. Chris Callahan is an agricultural engineer with University of Vermont extension. Both guests say engineering plays a crucial role in synthesizing the newest research and technology with the diversity and complexity of farming […]

National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health news now-available-2017-national-conference-on-cover-crops-and-soil-health-presentations

Now Available: 2017 National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health Presentations

Videos and presentations from the 2017 National Conference on Cover Crops and Soil Health held on December 7-8, 2017 in Indianapolis are now available. Hosted by the Soil and Water Conservation Society with video development supported by SARE, the conference highlighted insights from some of the nation's most innovative producers, conservation leaders and scientists on using cover crops to […] news updated-sare-state-summaries-and-grants-lists-now-available

Updated SARE State Summaries and Grants Lists Now Available

Since 1988, the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program has been a go-to USDA grants and outreach program for farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators who develop innovations that improve farm profitability, protect water and land, and revitalize communities. SARE has awarded over $251 million to more than 6,300 projects. Learn more about funded grants, […]