North Dakota SARE Travel Scholarships

The North Dakota SARE Travel Scholarship Program is a professional development program supported by North Central SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) and the NDSU Extension Service.

Program Overview:   Sustainable Agriculture is about building the food and fiber systems through integrating goals that enhance quality of life, the environment, and economics.  Food production systems that are likely to remain productive and sustainable meet all three of these major goals.

The ND SARE travel scholarship can fund meetings, workshops, tours, webinars, focus groups/ study circles, booth sponsorships, and travel scholarships that align with current ND SARE initiatives.

The 2023-2024 ND SARE initiatives are:

  • Soil Health, Cover Crops, and Water Quality
  • Local Agriculture Serving Diverse Communities and meeting Nutritional Needs
  • Integrated Production Systems – Livestock and Crops
  • Advancing Sustainable Agriculture in 1994 Land Grant Colleges and Tribal Institutions
  • Adapting to a changing climate and other food system disruptions

For more information about ND SARE initiatives and ideas for programs that fit within the initiatives, please get in touch with one of the ND SARE Coordinators.

To apply: Use the form provided for North Dakota.