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The Fruit and Nut Compass

The Fruit and Nut Compass is a farm business planning tool to help both new and experienced producers project the financial costs and returns from an enterprise focused on perennial crops.

Developing Hazelnut Germplasm for the Upper Midwest

Known for the flavor and aroma they lend to coffee, nut pastes, confections, and pastries, the hazelnut is an alternative crop that has garnered interest in the North Central region. Turkey currently produces 75% of the world’s hazelnuts, and Oregon’s Willamette Valley produces 3%. Growers and researchers are hopeful that hazelnuts can fill a niche in […]

Niche Nuts

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, America’s top nut producers are California, producing nearly 90% of tree nuts in America; Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas, raising 75% of America’s pecan crop; and Oregon, raising the majority of America’s hazelnut crop. Kurt Belser is the owner of the The Wingnuttery in Albany, Ohio, where […]