Comparing Apples to Apples: Single-varietal hard apple cider testing

Single-varietal hard apple cider testing

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Julie Dawson, Michelle Miller, Matt Raboin, Nicholas Smith, Eleanor Voigt, Cris Carusi, and Ruth McNair | 2019 | 56 pages

From tasting rooms, to store shelves, the popularity of hard cider is growing. Wisconsin’s Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems' (CIAS) “Comparing Apples to Apples” report helps hard cider growers—and makers—with apple varieties selection.

The global cider market was valued at $10,667 million in 2016 and is projected to reach $16,252 million by 2023 (Allied Market Research 2018). Apple growers and researchers in Wisconsin have created this new guide to help apple growers—and cider makers—select the best apple varieties for their products.

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This SARE-supported project laid the groundwork for a larger four-state effort to investigate craft cider supply chains, supported by a $500,000 USDA-AFRI grant project called “Apple to Glass: Improving orchard profitability through developing regional craft ciders.” The current project brings together industry knowledge from Washington State, Michigan, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

View a video of Matt Raboin and Michelle Miller presenting their research.

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