CSA Starts Here: Video Series

Videos for Aspiring and Beginning CSA Farmers

CSA Innovation Network | 2022

CSA Starts Here is an educational video series for aspiring and beginning CSA farmers from the CSA Innovation Network. These twelve free videos will help you evaluate whether or not CSA farming is a suitable model for you while also explaining the skills you need to nurture to be successful at CSA farming.

The videos can be watched in order as one comprehensive training or viewed individually as needed. We recommend you watch the series one topic at a time and reflect on each using the attached workbook. These videos are available to everyone, at no charge. Individuals can view the videos online after completing the short online evaluation form associated with each title. 

Each video includes:​

  • A question that explores a specific facet of CSA
  • An introduction that explains why that question is meaningful
  • Our own unique experiences within CSA and how we have mastered or struggled overtime
  • Tips, tricks, hacks and stories from other experienced CSA farmers
  • Prompts for self-evaluation that ask you to dig deep and consider your own unique skill set, passions, and desires

12-Part Video Series

Each video is about 10-15 minutes long.

About the Creators 

Five North Central region CSA farmers developed this film series: Lauren Rudersdorf of Raleigh’s Hillside Farm, Kat Becker of Cattail Organics, Bethanee Wright of Winterfell Acres, Kelly Lagman of One Seed Farm, and Jonnah Perkins of Vermont Valley Community Farm.

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