Fostering Community Well-Being in Farming Practices

Created with SARE support
Jean R. Francois |

A Story Map Exploring Farming and Community Well-Being

Embracing the concept of community well-being in farming practices creates a lasting and positive impact on agricultural communities. Developed with support through a SARE grant, the key management decisions explored in this story map create opportunities for farmers and foster a sustainable and prosperous future for communities.

A story map is a web map that's carefully made with context and extra info, turning it into a standalone tool. It mixes maps, legends, text, photos, and videos and has features like swipe-throughs, pop-ups, and time sliders to help users explore the content easily. This story map explores this interconnection of farming and community well-being and highlights key management decisions that farmers consciously consider in their decision-making process. It also describes some potential benefits this agriculture–community relationship might have on farm profitability and agricultural communities' overall well-being.

Through interviews with agricultural stakeholders, the developers gained valuable insights into practices and approaches that farmers across various regions in the U.S. are embracing to create a positive and sustainable impact on their communities.

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