Livestock Management with Drones Video Series

SARE Grant Report

Drone technology has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient tool for livestock-related maintenance and troubleshooting at Pigeon River Farm in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Established in 2003, Pigeon River Farm is a family-owned and farmed 50-acre organically-operated facility located on the southern branch of the Pigeon River near Clintonville.

"Drones provide a unique perspective with potential benefits for livestock," said farmer Robert Braun of Pigeon River Farm. "Combined with high-resolution photo and video technology, drone use has allowed us to perform enhanced close inspection and attention to detail previously only achieved by in-person inspection." 

With support from SARE, Pigeon River Farm developed a video series and additional resources sharing tips and tricks for how they use drones in their day-to-day livestock management.

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