Livestock Waterers and Watering Systems

Created with SARE support
Baldwin C. and George H. | 2024 | 173 pages

A Handbook for Livestock Producers and Landowners

What is the most important livestock nutrient? Water!

Navigating through watering options to find a workable, financially feasible solution to livestock watering needs can be frustrating for ranchers. There are many choices, and some options are incompatible with available land, labor, and capital resources. 

This handbook assists in the design of a watering system that fits your budget, site, and livestock needs. Some systems require specific geological formations (such as springs) or depend on specific elevation differences. While components may be off-the-shelf, the arrangement and installation of a watering system must be adjusted to each site. As you look through this handbook, keep in mind the characteristics of your land and site, the time you have available for management and upkeep, and the size and type of animal you have. These will all factor into decisions about which option to choose.

This perennially favorite K-State Research & Extension 173-page publication includes new sections as well as updated older chapters. It was created in 2007 and most recently updated in 2024.

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