"The Art of Climate Dialogue" Podcast Series

Created with SARE support

The cover art for the "Art of Climate Dialogue" podcast was created by podcast interviewee Moselle Nita Singh.

"The Art of Climate Dialogue" podcast series features thirteen conversations with farmers, artists, community-engaged researchers, and community organizers and activists who have used arts and storytelling strategies to discuss climate change and agriculture in Iowa. Through this podcast, interviewees share these strategies so that listeners can implement them in their own communities. 

"Research shows that a critical and often overlooked step in addressing climate change is climate dialogue, and that effective facilitation of climate dialogue in agricultural communities should highlight values, diverse perspectives, and personal experiences," said Iowa State University graduate student and the podcast's producer, Vivian Cook. "Research on arts and storytelling as public engagement strategies has shown that artistic engagement methods are especially apt in incorporating values, diversity of perspectives, and personal experiences into public discussions of critical societal issues, such as climate change."

With support from an NCR-SARE Graduate Student Grant, Cook explored the use of artistic strategies to facilitate climate dialogue in North Central region farming communities. She hopes the podcast series will increase awareness of the innovative work that interviewees are doing at the intersection of arts and climate communication, as well as increase knowledge of and intent to apply arts-based climate dialogue facilitation strategies in the North Central region.

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