Minnesota SARE Travel Scholarships and Mini-Grants

The Minnesota SARE program is funded by our North Central Region SARE office via the United States Department of Agriculture. Funds are used for sustainable agriculture education and outreach in Minnesota, with the primary goal of supporting educator activities and professional development through train-the-trainer opportunities. This includes Mini Grant and Travel Scholarship funds for ag professionals (ie Extension, NRCS, state and tribal agencies, NGOs, etc.) and farmers to build their awareness, knowledge, and skills related to sustainable agriculture concepts. Minnesota SARE

Professional Development Funds are to be used to

  • address the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of Minnesota agriculture and
  • provide professional development for agricultural professionals and farmers.

In 2023, Minnesota SARE will award up to SIX mini-grants and EIGHT Travel Scholarships, with priority given to topics related to the Minnesota SARE Initiatives. These will be disbursed during three open application periods. The intent is to award two Mini Grant and two-three Travel Scholarships during each open application period. All applications will be reviewed by the members of the Minnesota SARE Advisory Committee (AC) and ranked using a score sheet. Scores equal to or greater than 21 points will be considered for funding. If any open application period does not have any applications with scores of at least 21 points, the funds will not be awarded and will be moved instead to the next open application period

2023 Minnesota SARE Initiatives

  • Adapting to a changing climate and other food system disruptions
  • Building resilient local food systems
  • Supporting emerging farmers

Mini Grant and Travel Scholarship Timelines

  • January 1-31
  • May 1-31 
  • October 1-31

Applicants Informed:

  • February 15
  • June 15
  • November 15

Minnesota SARE Mini Grant Information

Minnesota SARE Mini Grants Minnesota SARE offers Mini Grants to agricultural professionals (Extension, NRCS, state and tribal agencies, NGOs, etc) and farmers for programming in sustainable agriculture with priority given to those that relate to Minnesota SARE Initiatives (Building Soil Health; Carbon, Energy, and Climate; Local Foods). Mini Grants provide support for organized programs such as field days,…

Minnesota SARE Travel Scholarship Information

Minnesota SARE Travel Scholarships Minnesota SARE offers Travel Scholarships to agricultural professionals (ie Extension, NRCS, state and tribal agencies, NGOs, etc) and farmers to participate in professional development opportunities that are related to sustainable agriculture and the Minnesota SARE Initiatives (Building Soil Health; Carbon, Energy, and Climate; Local Foods). Travel Scholarships are intended to assist ag professionals and…