North Dakota SARE Professional Development Mini-Grants

Sustainable agriculture is about building the best food and fiber systems that we can by integrating the goals that help enhance quality of life, the environment and economics. Food production systems that are likely to remain productive and sustainable are the ones that meet all three of these major goals. 

Description: To help educate North Dakota citizens about these integrated goals, the North Dakota SARE professional development program will support educators with Extension, Vo-Ag, other Governmental and Tribal Agencies, Lending Institutions, Agribusiness, and Non-Governmental Organizations to attend or conduct field days, farm tours, workshops, etc. Recipients are expected to attend or conduct educational programs with a focus on sustainable food and fiber issues and to report these activities to the North Dakota SARE program.

Examples of potential programs: Examples could include SARE supported winter conferences, soil health education events, the Tribal College/NDSU Horticulture Tour, the NACAA national conference, and travel to other worthy sustainable agriculture professional development opportunities.  Travel related funds can be used for mileage, meals, lodging and registration expenses by educators who can demonstrate the need for the information and a plan to deliver it. Event support funds can be used for educational materials, speaker fees, meals (only if concurrent within the meeting), and other related expenses.  

Details: Support is offered on a first come/first served basis so early submission is suggested.  If selected, you will need to fill out two surveys after the event to describe what you learned and to show how you shared the information with clientele.  Please also pass along any educational materials you develop to the North Dakota SARE State Coordinator.  You may also need to fill out other forms to facilitate payment.  If the travel involves going out of state please make sure to obtain the travel approval you need from your agency. Applicants for these funds must show that they have taken the National SARE sustainable agriculture basic principles course in order to be reimbursed for travel expenses.  It takes about two hours to complete the course.

To apply: Use the form provided for North Dakota. Feel free to expand the length to fit in your answers, especially if you intend to write into the spaces by hand.  Please also attach the meeting agenda and SARE course verification.