Professional Development Program Grant

About the Professional Development Grant Program

The North Central Region SARE (NCR-SARE) Professional Development Grant Program supports state professional development programs and competitive grants for training agricultural professionals.

Professional Development Program (PDP) competitive grants emphasize training agricultural educators in extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, private, and not-for-profit sectors, using farmers as educators and addressing emerging issues in the farm community. Applicants are educators who often represent but are not limited to, Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and non-profit groups. PDP competitive grants are awarded for state and multi-state PDP projects that emphasize cross-agency training, using farmers as educators and addressing emerging issues in the farm community. 

  • Professional Development Program awards up to $120,000.
  • Projects may last up to 36 months.
  • About 10 projects are funded each year. In 2023, NCR-SARE received 30 proposals and selected 13 proposals for funding.
  • sample call for proposals is available throughout the year, but you should always consult the current call for proposals when applying.
  • The portfolio of research grants is reviewed and awarded on the annual timeline.
  • Take a look at grants that have been previously funded.
  • Review the projects funded in the last grant cycle.

NCR-SARE's regional Administrative Council makes funding decisions after receiving feedback from a review committee. The Administrative Council is a collection of farmers, ranchers, university representatives, nonprofit representatives, Extension and NRCS people, other government employees, and agribusiness representatives. This group sets research priorities and recommends projects for funding.

Before writing a grant proposal, determine a clear project goal and explore previous research. It often helps to contact NCR-SARE, local agriculture groups, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and/or Extension educators to share ideas and invite participation. Use this website or call 612-626-3113 for resources to help you write your proposal.


Timelines are subject to change. Always adhere to the due date listed in the current Call for Proposals.

  • February - Call for Proposals Released
  • April - Proposals Due
  • August - Funding Decisions
  • October - Funds Available to Recipient

Personal Contact

A unique aspect of NCR-SARE is our personal contact with grantees involved in the program. If you have questions about the competitive Professional Development Grant Program, contact Rob Myers, the Program Coordinator.

  • Rob Myers, Ph.D. Regional Coordinator (Chapter 3) and Director of Professional Development (Extension) Programs, 573-882-1547, [email protected]

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