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Online Conference For Farmers & Teachers A Whole Systems Approach To Farm And School Education For The Future Of Food Security

This 21-video conference series will engage partnerships between small farmers and teachers/schools for the future of food security. URL: Ordering Information Good Shepherd Montessori [email protected] E Jefferson BlvdSOUTH BEND, IN 46619 ID: 21 video conferenceCost: $10.00

Cultivating Morel Mushrooms

One of the more iconic and recognizable mushrooms, morels are famed for their distinctive appearance and their exquisite taste. This fungus is characterized by its unique 'pitted and ridged' cap, as well as its earthy and nutty flavor. Morels have been recorded on all continents except Antarctica, thus with its widespread nature it comes to […]

The Financial Implications of Conservation Agriculture: Insights from Analyses of Farms in the Upper Midwest

Farmers and ranchers are increasingly interested in conservation practices to strengthen soil health and improve water quality for present and future generations. Conservation practices can also help farmers improve their profitability in the face of increasingly volatile weather and uncertain market conditions. Some farmers and ranchers hesitate to adopt these practices because of perceived financial […]

Midwestern Hemp Database

The Midwestern Hemp Database (MHD) is an interactive tool that houses all of the research done by the Midwestern Hemp Research Collaborative (MHRC)

Blooms for Mason Bees

With support from SARE, the Osmia Bee Company in Ohio is designing a seed mix to support springtime pollinators — particularly mason bees. They developed a guide with the intention that the information could be used as a starting point and adapted for other field trials. This project leverages the rich collaborative network maintained by […]

Youth Grow Indy Guide

The Soul Food Project has developed a new guide for farmers who want to host a workforce development program for youth. Topics covered in the guide include the benefits of youth employment programs, legal considerations, recruitment strategies, program management, and more. Soul Food Project and Farm has been operating since 2017 on the Northeast side […]

Pollinator-Friendly Cover Cropping for Vegetable Producers in the Upper Midwest

Growers are increasingly interested in adding cover crops to rotations to improve soil health, break disease cycles, and provide ecosystem services. In addition to these benefits, cover crops present an opportunity to add crucial floral resources and habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects on the farm. However, identifying appropriate cover crop species and management […]

Farming Matters Video Series

In 2022, NCR-SARE launched a storytelling video series, “Farming Matters,” featuring SARE grantees. Join NCR-SARE staff members Erin Schneider and Marie Flanagan as they learn more about what inspires and motivates farmers, researchers, and educators. You’ll leave each video with a better understanding of the innovative ways SARE grantees approach challenges. With this story-sharing series, as […]

"The Art of Climate Dialogue" Podcast Series

"The Art of Climate Dialogue" podcast series features thirteen conversations with farmers, artists, community-engaged researchers, and community organizers and activists who have used arts and storytelling strategies to discuss climate change and agriculture in Iowa. Through this podcast, interviewees share these strategies so that listeners can implement them in their own communities.  "Research shows that […]

Exploring Hydroponics with Youth

With support from an NCR-SARE Youth Educator grant, University of Missouri Extension Horticulture Specialist Donna Aufdenberg developed resources to teach sustainable approaches to hydroponic growing methods.

Pasture Productivity Pail

The Pasture Productivity Pail is a set of tools that can be used to use to make informed decisions on pasture management and improvement.